dall·e experiments vol. 1

I am super fascinated by this technology and the creative possibilities that it unlocks.

“hot dog man crashing his hot dog car full of hot dogs photorealistic”
“charcoal sketch of soviet propaganda”
“soccer player scoring a goal in the style of kazimir malevich, suprematism, abstract, geometric”
“oil painting of a manchester united fan crying so hard that their tears form a mighty river”
“courtroom sketch of a gigantic banana on trial for a felony”
“photo of a man getting married to a toilet 4k”
“ascii art of a business man making a telephony call”
“warehouse rave circa 1994, photograph from a disposable camera”
“autochrome photograph of the president of world circa 1974”
“photo of serene cliffs on the coast of ireland at sunset”
“photograph of a thousand people wearing different colored morph suits at a rave in the jungles of bolivia”
“photograph of hundreds of buddhist monks in line at a fast food restaurant”
“rave in santa fe in the style of Robert Rauschenberg”